Our Services

We help teachers, school districts, and families understand trauma.

These days, we’re all feeling a little burnt out. Attentive Teaching is a resource, not just for time-poor and overwhelmed teachers, but also for entire school districts or parents of children suffering from trauma or other behavioral issues. We believe that families, schools, and teachers must all work together in order to mindfully help children achieve social, emotional, and academic success.

Professional Development Workshops For School Districts

Schools and curriculums are outdated and don’t address the needs of students in the world today. Addressing trauma in the classroom isn’t on the radar of many school districts, but if you’re on this site, then you know it should be. We want to be a resource for school districts that are interested in implementing a more trauma-informed approach to the classroom. 

We start by providing an assessment for your school that takes into account your specific challenges, needs, and goals with respect to the current setup of your academic system, financial capabilities, and curriculum. Then we’ll offer mindfulness approaches, trauma regulation strategies, SEL toolkits, and lesson plans to implement in the classroom. 

School-wide professional development format

Our goal as an organization is to bring trauma-informed teaching to schools, but to do that effectively, teachers need to implement SEL lessons, mindfulness, and emotional regulation into their own lives. 

Typically our approach to working with a school follows the Attentive Teaching formula:

Step 1

Educate teachers on the neurobiology of the brain and the body and brain’s response to trauma and stress. Help them to identify what their triggers are and notice how they react to those triggers. 

Step 2

Work with teachers to develop coping mechanisms through mindfulness training that they can use in the moment and teach to their students.

Step 3

Help teachers assess and address trauma in students, and provide real-time support to students based on their needs in order to create a responsive, safe classroom environment.

Step 4

Work together to find ways to implement SEL into the curriculum and classroom. Provide teachers with sample lesson plans written by our teachers and SEL toolkits to utilize in the classroom. 

How long do the workshops run?

We work with you to determine the length of time our professional development workshops for teachers and school districts will run. We can offer three half-day workshops, or 8 hour-long workshops throughout the semester, and everything in between. 

A Virtual Community For Teachers

Every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm EST, our team runs Attentive Talks, a virtual community for teachers to come together and be heard. Our goal for Attentive Talks is to be a safe space for teachers to discuss their struggles and learn from one another, as well as our staff. Think of it as group therapy for teachers where you can come away feeling validated and having learned new skills for coping and mindfulness. 

A La Carte Mindfulness and Trauma Workshops and Webinars

Any of our mindfulness and trauma workshops that we offer administrations can also be taught separately upon request. Our approach to providing these workshops is unique because we always focus on the teachers first. SEL is not just for the students. We make sure the teachers are reaping the benefits from our lessons so that they can confidently support their students. 

Our team consists of mental health counselors, teachers, yoga instructors, and mindfulness experts, so we offer a broad range of workshops and webinars that can be tailored to different student age groups or abilities. 

Sample Workshops and Webinars

Pricing depends on the length of the course, which can vary in length from 1 hour ($100) to a full day session ($650). As a nonprofit, we like to keep our workshops free whenever possible, so if you want to learn from us and don’t have the funds, please reach out and talk to us about your situation.