A mindful approach to trauma-informed classrooms

I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.

– Albert Einstein


About Us

We’re here for the kid who acts out in class, the kid who sits quietly in the back with their hood up, the kid who gets sent to the principal’s office. Because we know that challenging behavior is often a symptom of trauma, and we believe that all students deserve to learn in a calm, safe, trauma-informed environment. 

What We Do

providing the tools to create a safe learning space

Mindful Classroom Workshops

Teachers need to first learn to self-regulate before teaching coping skills to students. In our workshops, we teach mindfulness techniques that teachers can adopt and pass onto their students. We also provide teachers with the training they need to identify, assess, and address trauma in the classroom. 

Lesson Plans
and Toolkits

We provide teachers with sample lesson plans that integrate mindfulness and empathy into the everyday curriculum. Our social-emotional toolkits are a great resource for teachers and parents to consult for tips and advice on how to spot trauma, how to diffuse situations, and how to utilize mindfulness techniques to self-soothe. 

A Supportive Online Community

Teachers have never been so challenged to perform well, and children have probably never been as traumatized by the progression of daunting current events. Our weekly online chats provide a safe space for teachers to support and learn from each other, while exploring the methodology of trauma-informed learning. 

We work with individual teachers, school districts, and parents to help foster resilience in children.

Educational resources

Our team of educators, mentors, therapists, and social workers are here to keep the conversation going with weekly blog posts, podcasts, social-emotional learning toolkits, and sample lesson plans to help you think through ideas in this space.

Featured News

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